The Art of Rap is a MasterPiece!

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If you ever wanted to learn the true story of Hip Hop, sit down and let Papa Ice T narrate it in the incredible documentary “The Art of Rap” Some thing from Nothing. I had the pleasure of attending the L.A. premiere and it was surreal to be sitting amongst some of the rappers I grew up listening to from Ice T, Chuck D, Kool Moe Dee, Kangol Kid, Ras Kazz, Rick Ruben etc. This film has been a long time coming and in a world where Pop Music rules the charts, this was such a breath of fresh air!

The film, directed, produced and narrated by Ice T, featured over 50 of your favorite rappers, favorite rapper.  Artists such as Nas, Snoop, Dre, Eminem, Ice Cube, Kanye’, Common, Doug E. Fresh, Melly Mel, Kool Moe Dee, Big Daddy Kane, Red Man, Q Tip, Salt, MC Lyte, Run DMC, Cypress Hill, Ras Kazz, Chuck D, Treach, KRS 1, Mos Def etc. all shared their personal stories on how they discovered Hip Hop and how they create the rhymes that live in their head.  It has never been done before with this much honesty and original substance.  Every generation should experience this film.  It is explained in the film that “Hip Hop, never had POP ambitions.”  It is defined as Folk music.  It is about the 5 elements of hip hop, it’s about originality and setting trends, not following them.

Ice takes us inside the writing process and Treach explains why most rappers NEED to write their raps down!  You learn the difference between being a rapper and being an MC.  Big Daddy Kane said,”Dr. Suess can rhyme, so you can call him a “rapper.” But not everyone can be an MC!  Dr. Dre defines the difference between making beats and being a producer.  He also shares his personal experience of being in the studio with Tupac.

The cinematography is beautiful.  Most of the film is shot on the streets of NY, in the studio or the homes of your favorite rapper or in their back yard with the breathtaking Los Angeles skyline.   Everytime I see that skyline, I feel proud that I live in L.A.!

The Art of Rap is an Independent Documentary that is quickly picking up steam.  When it hits theatres in your city, I HIGHLY recommend that you support it.  It’s rare that a black documentary reaches theatrical release so it’s really important that you get behind it!  It’s worth it! Check out the trailer below.

Well Done Ice T and Hey CoCo!










Kool Moe Dee




Ras Cazz




HEY Coco….with your pink Chanel Bag!

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