The Arsenio Hall Show is Coming Back!

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The original Dog Pound is coming back by way of the Arsenioooooooooooo Hall Show!  Yes, the only late night talk show host that spoke to our generation is coming back fall 2013.  Arsenio was known for having the best guest, the best performances and the most entertaining interviews on late night tv.  Artist like Michael Jackson, TLC, Eddie  Murphy, Paula Abdul, MC Hammer, Mike Tyson, Bill Clinton, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Tupac Shakur, NWA, Ice T etc. all stopped to perform and sit on the couch.  He decided to walk-away while he was on top and we’ve had a hole in our hearts ever since.

According to, Two decades after Arsenio Hall‘s successful turn as a late-night syndicated talk show host, he is at it again. The actor-comedian has signed a deal with CBS TV Distribution for a syndicated late-night talk strip for fall 2013. The show will launch in the major markets including in the three largest markets on WPIX-New York, at 11 PM; KTLA-Los Angeles, at 11 PM.; and WGN-Chicago, at 10 PM.  While that doesn’t constitute an official green light, “there is a pretty good chance that we will be seeing the program in fall 2013,” said CTD president John Nogawski, who expects the show to get a first go for next fall by end of summer with the addition of more station clearances. This would be the first syndicated late-night talk show in about 15 years, since the short-lived The Keenen Ivory Wayans Show and Vibe, which launched in fall 1997.

Recently, Arsenio made a tv comeback on Donald Trumps’ Celebrity Apprentice and he won the entire competition.  That must of been enough to get the executives excited about bringing it back! I’m excited to see if the legendary show will work in todays market.  So happy for Arsenio!  Let’s Get Busy!!!





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