Terrell Owens is making steps to be a father to his kids on Dr. Phil

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Terrell Owens made a brave appearance on “Dr. Phil” today where he was confronted by the mothers of his children. He revealed on the T.O. show that he has 4 different children by four different women and none of them were women he was in a relationship with. Sadly, Owens also does not have a relationship with any of his kids.

Does he call, write or reach out to the kids – No. But, he did pay on time…..when he had the money. Though a few of the women wanted him to spend more time with the kids, the crux of the issue was most of them went from getting $20,000 a month in child support to NOTHING. We all know T.O. had some financial difficulties so now he’s the “Dad” that doesn’t come around OR provide support. One of the women, Kimber, said T.O. has only seen their daughter 12 times….mind you…..she’s 7! He said, “The thing is, with me traveling back and forth, I don’t have a set schedule. Pretty much 90% of the time every time I’ve reached out it’s been a bad time.” T.O. said, “I didn’t know who my daddy was until I was 10 or 12. Surprising as it may seem, he was living right across the street.”

During a moment of clarity, Dr. Phil told him “You have an opportunity, because it’s not too late.” He then told the mommas to keep down the drama because, “If you do anything aggressively or passive aggressively . . . to block his relationship with his children . . . trust me, the day will come when it will bite you in an ugly, ugly way.” He added, “…you can’t get blood from a turnip” and that: “You guys need to stop these hostilities, because it’s your child who’s picking up the tab for that.” So how did this end? Well, who knows waht the future holds but at the end of the show, T.O. met two of his daughters and was seen saying, “Have you been to Magic Mountain? Maybe I can take you guys to Magic Mountain. You can ride the roller coaster. I love you” I didn’t grow up with my dad around and I think about how my choices in men (early on) could’ve been better if I had love, acceptance and attention from my own dad. I had the best mom in the world, but Dr. Phil is right..both daughters and sons need their daddy’s in their life. I hope you get it together T.O. befrore it’s too late.

Source: TheYBF.com

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