Tameka Raymond Takes Usher Back To Court For Custody Of Their Boys & Loses

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usher and tameka

After a pool accident that almost took the life of their oldest little boy, Tameka Raymond filed for an emergency hearing to re-gain custody of her and Usher’s two boys. The accident happened on Monday, little Usher is in the hospital recovering, and the emergency hearing was today. Unfortunately, for Tameka the judge still doesn’t feel as though it’s best for the children to be in her custody.  Therefore, they will remain with Usher.  Tameka feels as though Usher works too much and is leaving their kids in the care of his family members (whom she does not like).  In their defense, the adults that were supervising the boys did everything they could to get him out of the water, and they performed CPR.  Let’s hope Tameka is not using this scary event to get her way.  Let’s hope she is just a mother that is concerned about her kids.  The most important thing at this point should be to remain by little Usher’s side in the hospital.  Usher embraced Tameka in a hug after the judge made his ruling.  When the media asked her about the hug, she said, “It was just a media ploy.”


Usher won this battle, but we’re sure Tameka is looking to win the war.

The superstar and his ex-wife Tameka Foster-Raymond headed back to court early Friday (August 9) for another primary custody hearing in Atlanta.

Following the near drowning of their 5 year-old son this past weekend, Ms. Foster-Raymond filed the necessary paperwork for the hearing.

Wearing a white blazer and her hair pulled back in a disheveled ponytail, Tameka was emotional while recalling the incident. While a freshly shaven Usher, calmly took the stand and answered a barrel of questions from lawyers.

Also on the stand during the hearing was Usher’s Aunt Rena Oden. The adult in charge of the two children before the accident took place. She is also the lady heard on the 911 call that many blogs posted earlier this week.

Overall, the judge, Hon. John J. Goger wasn’t having it and ended up dismissing the case.

What happened here was an awful accident. I don’t know, and based on the evidence I heard I am not certain that any single person who had been by that pool side that one person could have done better than Miss Oden. Miss Oden did impress me as a capable person.

Before leaving the courtroom Usher went over to give his ex a long hug and you could see him whispering, “I’m Sorry” over and over. View video of Tameka’s breakdown below, as well as video of the hug.

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