Tamar Braxton Sheds Tears About Her Abusive Past & Self-Esteem Issues

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tamar braxton cries

Tamar Braxton has a larger than life personality, but underneath all of that charisma, lies a broken little bird.  She admits that her over-confidence comes from the fact that someone in her past, put her down so low, she had to tell herself everyday that she was fabulous, until she started to believe it.  That is the confidence that her fans have grown to love.  So, even though that idiot tried to break her spirit…’She Won!’

The vibrant diva, recently appeared at a ‘Girl Talk With Tamar’ event hosted by our friend Necole Bitchie.  During the fabulous event for women, Tamar answered questions about her career, her baby and her past and present relationships.  The event took an unexpected turn when a fan asked Tamar how her past abusive relationship affected her confidence.  Tamar began to cry and revealed:

“The reason why you see a lot of confidence is because I didn’t have any. I used to allow people to take that away from me and the only thing that worked for me is to act as if I thought I was fabulous and I didn’t think I was fabulous.  One day, I refused to let that person have that over me and that lie became my truth. I’ve always had a big personality, but it’s bigger to you all now because I kind of have to play it up because that side still lives there. But I refuse to let that show because that would mean that he won and I won because I’m still here.”

necolebitchie and tamar

Video Highlights:

On giving Vince an ultimatum:
Well, we were together for four and a half years before we got engaged. I was a different kind of chick. I loved Vince and I knew I wanted to be with him but I knew that after a certain point it was time for us to more on to [another] level. Either, we were going to break up, or take it to the next step. It was like July and I was like, ‘Look boo, you got until December 31st at 12 o’ clock to propose to me because I feel like you should already know if you want to be with me like that.’

On how she stayed positive and kept pushing towards her dreams

I’m a positive person; a lot of people may not agree with that because I’m very vocal. But I don’t let people talk me out of my ideas and that has a lot to do with my past because I used to get ridiculed. I don’t let people talk me out of my goals and so no matter what people tell you, if it’s what you believe and you’re willing to work hard and bust your ass, do it! I wouldn’t give a damn what anybody says. Keep doing it until you get to your goal.

Do you know I’ve had five record deals? REAL TALK! I’ve been dropped from every single label, except for the one I’m on now. I’ve heard ‘no’ more than I’ve heard ‘yes’ and I was determined. Even if this album goes brick and I feel like I still want to be a singer, I’m still going to keep singing like ‘Damn y’all!’

Don’t let anybody talk you out of your goals and dreams. The only person that can stop you, is you. If you’re alive and above ground, God has put you here for that reason, so don’t stop, period.

Love This!

Watch the touching video below:


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