Talent on the Rise……Meet Andre Holland aka Mr. Olivia Pope!

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Well not exactly, but Marshall Malloy (Holland)  has his fair share of potential political bombshells to keep out of the news cycle each week on NBC’s new comedy “1600 Penn.”

The show centers on a dysfunctional White House family whose private shenanigans always keep them on the verge of nationwide scandal.

Malloy, played by Andre Holland, is the president’s press secretary who runs himself ragged trying to douse the constant fires started by the wife and children of President Gilchrest (Bill Pullman). His son Skip Gilchrest (Josh Gad) gives Malloy the most stress by far.

“We find out through the course of the show that Marshall was actually an aide back when President Gilchrest was a congressman and running for office,” Holland says. “When we find him in the show, what we see is that he’s a very loyal, savvy young press secretary who is often charged with the very difficult task of putting a good face on the front of what’s actually going on behind the curtain.”

Holland put in work on the big screen in “Bride Wars,” Spike Lee’s “Miracle at St. Anna” and “Sugar.” In April, he’ll hit theaters as famed sportswriter Wendell Smith in the Jackie Robinson biopic “42.”

On the TV side, the New York-based actor took turns in “Damages,” “Burn Notice,” “Law & Order” and “The Black Donnellys” before landing his breakout role in “1600 Penn.”

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Andre is definitely Talent on the rise!


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