Talent On The Rise Exclusive: Skylan Brooks & Ethan Dizon Talk Making Their Movie Debut!

Posted by: cnikky

skylan brooks and ethan dizon with cherise nicole

Skylan Brooks and Ethan Dizon are the stars of the critically acclaimed film, ‘The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete.’  The charming young men have been gradually making their mark in Hollywood, with small roles in films, television and commercials.  But, after auditioning hundreds of kids, director George Tilman Jr. chose Skylan and Ethan to make this remarkable film come to life.  The boys were in good company with co-stars Oscar winning actress Jennifer Hudson, Anthony Mackie, Jeffrey Wright and the beautiful Jordin Sparks.  Skylan Brooks shares a sweet kiss with Sparks during the film and Ethan was not too happy that he was left out!  In addition to talking about their obvious crush on the pop princess, I sat down with the handsome young men to discuss their roles in the film and what successful actors they wanted to model their career after.  I can say career, because this will definitely not be the last time we see these two on the big screen.


Watch the interview below:



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