T.I. & Tiny Go Head To Head! Tiny Releases A Song In Response To T.I.’s Apology Song Called ‘What The F%k You Gon Do?’

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It’s no secret that one of our favorite couples, T.I. and Tiny have been going through some serious relationship problems.  While it is alleged that he cheated on her and moved out of the home they shared together, it has also been alleged that she stepped out on him with Floyd Mayweather in retaliation. Both parties have denied the latter, but it is clear that Tiny was trying to make a point. Two can play that game and I can do it better!



T.I. has adamantly been trying to get back in his wifes good graces.  As recently as last week, he took her out of town on a romantic vacation.  But, we understand that it may take a lot more than a vacay to mend this relationship.  In a move also made by his friend Robin Thicke, this week, T.I. released an apology song about Tiny, called Stay.  (Both men seemed so happy in the Blurred Lines video…I guess they both danced their way into the doghouse).

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The lyrics to Stay, state:


“Remember when you got a tattoo, put my name on it.
Put you in a wedding dress with a train on it.
I went spent a whole mill just to go chill in Miami
I’ll be damned if she don’t know my love real.
How dare you compare me to dude? Girl, chill.
Might be so close up on it you don’t see what it is.
Shawty, I’ll die, kill for you if you keep it real.
Go to jail. Even if I gotta kneel, I will.”

Then things get juicy as T.I. really puts all the cards on the table. He alludes to some cheating done on his part, explains his frustration with Tiny’s reaction to it and he even throws some shade at Tiny’s best friend Shekinah.

I ain’t trippin cuz you caught me out there.
But your reaction to it pushed mefurther out there.

I can’t see you with no me.
But you left me, and I’m just me.
So I’m gon be what they gon be.
And I know he want you, but they want me.
Girl, together or apart. I bet you’ll be forever in my heart.
I swear. If anything we end it here I know it’s hard.
I’ll never love that way again, I swear to God.
I be breakin down. You be playin hard.
She chose to bid low. Watch how you play your cards.
And now you runnin round town with education-hatin broad.
Goin at me, got me hot. But hol up. How is they involved?
And you can’t say that I ain’t changed
your whole life since we met that day.
And when we get it right, God bless that day.
But until then, I just pray.”

While I LOVE T.I., It’s got to be beyond frustrating for his wife Tiny, who stood by him through ALL of his stints in jail and all of the philandering with other women he did before they were married.  It’s alleged that she even agreed to threesome’s just to keep him happy and he still cheated!  When a woman’s fed up….

Tiny clapped back and released her first song in 10 years , appropriately titled, ‘What The F%k You Gon Do?’  And this song came with a video, shot in their home!



On the new track, which was released on her very own label called Pretty Hustle, Tiny details her frustration about being a ride or die for so long, only to be left feeling lonely at night. Now she kinda wants to step out on her own.

She sings:

“Clearly, you ain’t thinkin.
Boy, tell me how you sleep at night.
Cuz you left me lonely, and you know that.
If you knew what’s good, you would do right.
I was on that sh-t like, ‘Imma be his ride or die.’
I’ll show you what it feels like to be on the other side of the gun.

Don’t keep trippin on me
You know he want it anyway.
Don’t be sleepin on me
Cuz I don’t wanna ride out on ya, baby.
All I wanna do is stay down for you.
But you make it so hard not to give up on you.

If I leave then, what the f-ck you gon do?”

The single comes complete with a video, which shows Tiny finding herself post Xscape and outside of her high-profile relationship, standing up for herself and returning to her first passion: R&B music.

Watch Tiny’s Video Below:


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