T.I.’s Daughter Deyjah, Is Breaking Into Acting With A New Sitcom

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T.I. has launched the career of his kids with his and Tiny’s show on VH1, “The Family Hustle.”  Zonnique is experiencing sucess with the OMG Girlz, Damani has started a small rap career, King has a Pajama line coming out and now TIPs daughter Deyjah is breaking into acting!  That family definitely knows how to hustle!

T.I.’s youngest daughter, Deyjah, is moving forward with her own sitcom.  Back in December, it was first reported that the pretty girl, who often appears on her dad’s VH1 reality show “TI & Tiny: A Family Hustle”, landed a new Atlanta-based sitcom called “All For MyLove.”  It also stars Oprah‘s Goddaughter, Hannah Cartwright.


The show is about a coming of age story about a girl, named MyLove, who is trying to make it in the industry.  Deyjah will play troubled teen Yasmin, while Hannah will play Chelsea, MyLove’s best friend.


And today, an open casting call was announced to fill other roles of the show.  Here’s the synopsis:

Mylove, leaves the UK to live with her brother after her father dies. Mylove’s brother Quentin is a music manager and has accomplished many successes for his artists. In order to obtain his inheritance, Quentin must secure a successful singing career for Mylove.

Once in the states, Mylove begins attending the Jewels Private School Of The Arts where she befriends many like minded kids. Yasmine, a 12 year old with a troubled past, 11 year old Chelsea, Quentin’s youngest artists Jabias, who starts to form a crush on Mylove, smart and business minded 12 year old named Sheldon, shy yet skillful 12 year old rapper Young D, plus many more interesting characters.


There is a casting call on March 16th in Bartlett, TN.  Good luck Deyjah and congratulations!


Watch the trailer that was shopped around to sell the show, below:


Via: TheYBF.com, PrinceATL pics

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  • kash allen

    i think that she would be a great acter just lie her dad but. she sould follow her dreams as she can dont let no body else tell u what u wanna be so good luck DEYJAH!!!!!!