Stevie J. Opens Up About His Marriage To Joseline Hernandez

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Yes….It’s not a trick!  Stevie J. really married Joseline Hernandez and now he’s speaking about their nuptials in the new issue of Hip Hop Weekly!  The happy reality show couple tied the knot at a courthouse, but that doesn’t mean they will not have a big ceremony while cameras are rolling.  It sounds as though the couple are fishing for a spin-off reality show deal and with their antics, they will definitely get one!

joseline vs mimi

Allegedly an altercation happened during the filming of the Love and Hip Hop re-union (Part 1 Airs Tonight on VH1) between Stevie’s wife Joseline and his baby mama Mimi.  We all know Stevie J. is a handful and Mimi definitely dodged a bullet by not getting him to commit to her, but a piece of my heart hurts for the fact that Mimi stood by his side for nearly 15 years and never got the ring?  What do you think?


The popular reality couple tied the knot, and HHW has all the details in our new issue…



Well the rumors are true: Stevie put a ring on it. After a crazy two seasons, America’s favorite reality couple has made it official, and in an exclusive interview with HHW, Stevie answers the questions a lot of you are gonna wanna ask. Peep some excerpts from the interview below:

HHW: Now that you’ve gone to a Justice of the Peace, will you  do another ceremony?

STEVIE J: When the show permits, we’ll do it on the show or something, or have our own show and have some kids on  the show.

HHW: How are you going to deal with Mimi now that you and Joseline are a solid couple?

STEVIE J: There’s some jealousy there but I don’t believe there’s enough to where there would be a problem. Joseline is my wife now, and Mimi is the mother of my child. Not a whole lot can be done. But I can make sure that Mimi will always be good. That’s not going to change. But I’m married now — I’m married now!

HHW: How does it feel?

STEVIE J: I feel great!

HHW: How does Joseline feel?

STEVIE J: She’s got the best f—— man in the whole world.

Get the FULL story (including Stevie’s comments on MiMi and what prompted the big decision) complete with photos in the August 6 issue of Hip Hop Weekly Magazine.

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  • hey joseline i really louv u on vh1

  • t money

    I love them as a couple! they are both such outspoken crazy characters, they need each other. CONGRATS!!

  • melissa

    wtf? sometimes it takes a certain type of person to make even the worst people change. joseline has the what it takes to change him but the problems I see is 1. if the man was wit someone when he got with you their will always be a 1 or 2 or so on. u may have have just moved up( unless a understanding is already in place then you are golden) 2. you already let him take life from you period! that’s a rap, its a open door for him to do what he pleases and he knows your stayin. 3. she is strong but even the strong take along time to know and see when to bow out. other than that buckle up its going to be a great ride! n we in Saginaw, mi support u. congrats

  • kim hall

    you cant turn a hoe into a house wife mimi was to much woman for him thats why he took the week one.He is going to take all her money stupid ass bitch!!!!!

  • I guess there is hope for all stkrippers across the nation. U can turn a hoe into a housewife lmao love is love

  • It doesn’t surprise me that they wed. I think that they both had a mutual connection on a level that old-ass Mimi and Stevie ever had. They seem great together and this lady went strong for that man and got him! The “engagement” thing is a way for a guy to get a woman to shut up. They give them a ring but after awhile they will NOT marry these women. If a man doesn’t want to marry you in a year-forget him. I told my daughters that! I’m right! That Evelyn was “engaged” for what- 10 years? What a scam. No, I wish these two the best and she truly loves him and he loves her because they communicate and have seen each other’s real, vulnerable, selves, shared hard-times stories, etc. Mimi was a boring drag. Plus the poo bioch never stood up for herself and always talked in that stupid scared trembling voice….Ugh, she was no fun. Old looking too.

  • i dont think that the two are really married, i think that stevie j is using the dumb bitch for her money. bitch he or u aint got a pot to really piss in the damn house aint neither one of you all. why turn up with a mouth full or lies or shouls i say screen full of lies. mimi i hate what u did for money u dumb ass hell ass well and u never did stand up for yourself cuz he wants u and always did, but joseline is the dumb one so he gone let her ride the bus but bitch u always got your place but he will leave her any time for u and she still gone be there, DUMB BITCH!! U MAKING THE SHOW BAD BECUZ SHE THINK just becuz he l;ay in bed with her most nights she won but GIRL HE JUST USING U STAND DOWN BITCH, MIMI STAND UP FOR WHO U WANT AND U WILL BE BACK IN THE SPOTLIGHT