Sneak Peek: Beyonce’ Gives Fans A Preview of Her New Funky Video ‘Grown Woman’

Posted by: cnikky

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Beyonce’ is back to setting trends , creating dance movements and making hot videos.  This weekend the pop icon teased fans with a sneak peek of her new video for her song, ‘Grown Woman.’  Although the Pepsi video teased the song a bit, you really have no idea how hot the song is, unless you caught Mrs. Carter on tour this year and watched her perform her butt off.  (It was honestly one of the best performances in the show!)

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But now, the world gets to see her tribal performance, including African drums, dance movies and wild clothes.  She showcases a long brown wig instead of her signature blonde tresses.  And her gorgeous mother makes an appearance along with some adorable babies (Blue Ivy not included).  Take a gander at the sneak peek below!


Watch the Clip Below:

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