Sergio Garcia Finally Wins His First Masters After Coming in 2nd Several Times!

Posted by: cnikky


Congratulations to Sergio Garcia, who finally walked away with the coveted green jacket at the 2017 golf Masters!  It was a neck and neck competition with past winner, Justin Rose and for a moment, it looked like Garcia had squandered away his chances.  But, with one final stroke, he defeated Rose in what turned out to be a very friendly competition!  Let’s be honest, it seems Rose along with most people watching, were rooting for Garcia to win.  He’s competed in the Master’s 19 times and never took home the W.  And to add insult to injury, seven of those times he came in second!  But, this summer he’s getting married and he geared up once again to try his luck, so  it was a perfect scenario for a happy ending.  I won’t pretend to know the golfers terminology of whether he got a birdie or what kind of stroke, or what club or hole? But, I do love an underdog story and this is a guy that deserved a win! So happy for him! Congrats Sergio!

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