Scandal Fans Start A Petition Over Program Hiatus! Shonda Rhimes Says It’s Not Her Fault!

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Millions of fans tune in every Thursday night, or every other Thursday night…to watch an episode of their guilty pleasure…ABC’s Scandal.  While it’s great that so many fans are invested in this show and hang onto every scene desperate to know what happens next, some people are furious over the fact that they air one or two episodes, then take a few weeks off!

According to ConcreteLoop:

Every Thursday, ABC’s hit drama ‘Scandal’ has millions of viewers in a frenzy. The highly addictive show of drama and scandalous affairs is their weekly fix — that is, when it isn’t on hiatus.

As many ABC shows often do (as of late), they premiere about 3-5 new episodes before going on a mini break, which often times expands over a series of weeks. Unfortunately, a new hiatus has come upon the highly rated primetime show and viewers are tired of it. So over it that they decided to take their frustration to and start a new petition.

One Scandal lover named T R Mason started her own petition, which kicks off with the following blurb:

There are very few TV shows on prime time television written by, much less starring people of color. The broadcast networks have made great strides in recent years by diversifying the faces we see on prime time TV however there is more that can be done. Putting a show like Scandal on repeated hiatus is a surefire way to lose fans and viewers.

In the petition, she includes the contact information for Anne Sweeney, the President of ABC Entertainment. So if you’re over the breaks in between your favorite ABC shows, then go ahead and join her petition (VIEW HERE). Even though she’s dead serious, it’s actually kind of funny to see this as a petition.


Oh, and don’t think about blowing up the executive producer, Shonda Rhimes‘ Twitter page about it either.  She recently tweeted the following in response to angry fans:

I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHEN SHOWS AIR. I do not have anything to do with the fact that we are not on for 3 weeks.


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