SAVAGES Feat. John Travolta, Salma Hayek, Blake Lively & Benicio Del Toro in Theatres Today

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Savages is the latest thriller from award winning director Oliver Stone, featuring Salma Hayek, Blake Lively, John Travolta and Benicio Del Torro.  The extreme thriller about the viscous drug cartels of Mexico is a wild ride, that keeps you on the edge of the seat until the credits roll. Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson should have long careers after their outstanding performance as two polar opposites that have the same goal..get their girl back!  Benicio Del Torro is one of the best character actors around and he always seems to get it right.  He makes you laugh and then turns your stomach at the same time.

Savages is a gritty, violent love story with amazing cinematography and bad a** villains. Most notably was Salma Hayek who turned up the heat in what could quite possibly be her best role yet.  In a film full of men, my attention was on Salma!  CNikky caught up with the ladies of the film to find out a little more about their characters.


Did Being A Mom help bring tenderness to the role?

Salma: In reality that is what you would think, but being a mother can make you find actually the inhumanity of the character because you ask a mother, for the love of her children you are capable of doing anything you can justify if you do something for your children especially for a Mexican mother, they can and will do anything.  The point is it helps you find the vulnerability, but it also helps you find the fearlessness.”

How did you prepare for the intense role?

Blake:  I love that it was so different from everything I know. We were so prepared.  He (Oliver) brought in DEA agents and I actually meant a local who had been kidnapped by the Mexican drug cartel. There’s so many complex relationships in this film.  I love the two men, but there’s also a love between our two characters (her and Salma).  We are at a disadvantage because we are a movie that is coming out with so many other summer movies and we don’t have a cape!  We were excited to do this movie that wasn’t only challenging to the actors, but also challenging to the audience.”

What inspired your choices for your character?

Blake Lively: “When I was at rehearsal with him (Oliver Stone), he was getting images from Salma, like What about this look, what about this look?”

Salma Hayek: “Oh yeah, I chose my own look! He was like, well why that?  He question everything (but) at the end he really gave me the creativity to decide.”

” I took a collection of characters I have meant my whole life, I will not name names, some of them in which I admire.  There’s been some iconic ones.  Oliver said Why do you want to wear the same hair and the same necklace?! I try to explain to him these woman know their going to be an icon, they create a character….these woman design themselves, they don’t want to be versatile..No they want you to always remember them… I have to design her in a way that someone can dress as her for Halloween.  She is so identifiable that you can actually impersonate her.”

Blake: “A Lot of this movie, just kinda happened.  So many of the big moments in this film, were not on paper  they just happened and we were lucky to be in this environment where we could create. We rehearsed so much yet none of it was manufactured, we just let the story tell it self.”

Pot growers Ben and Chon face off against the Mexican drug cartel who kidnapped their shared girlfriend. But, don’t take your eyes off the screen, there’s twist and turns at every corner…

Check out the trailer below:


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