About Us


Cherise Nicole , CEO and Founder of CNikky.com, the blog site that focuses on positive Celebrity news, was founded in February 2012.   Cherise was working as a TV Personality for Red Carpets and Press Junkets and  realized that with all of the entertainment blog sites, there  was a void in celebrity based sites that focus on positive and inspiring stories.  In addition, she realized there were not many sites that are diverse focusing on entertainment news  for everyone.  CNikky.com  is a diverse site that relates to every race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and religion. The target audience is male and female ages 18 and older that are on a journey of life discovery, finding and becoming their truth while being entertained .


The idea for CNikky.com came to Cherise after attending a screening for the movie “Jumping the Broom” in 2011.  At the screening she was approached by several media outlets who inquired about what outlet she was representing.   At that point, she realized that she wanted to say “MY OWN”!   Cherise strongly believes that it is important to be proud of who you work for and what they represent.  She strives to be the trusted voice of the people, celebrity alike.   Two days after the “ Jumping the Broom” screening , she met Salim and Mara Brok Akil (director of Jumping the Broom and creator/producers of The Game, Girlfriends and the upcoming film Sparkle).   The down-to-earth couple are a shining example of self-made success.   Cherise Nicole was certain this was a sign, that she was destined to start and launch her own blog site.  If you are looking for a site with inspiring entertainment news, this is the site for you.


 CNikky.com is the “Essence of What’s Good in Hollywood”!