Sad: Michael Jackson’s Daughter, Paris Jackson, Attemps Suicide

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Sad news.  Allegedly, Michael Jackson’s 15 year old daughter, Paris Jackson may have attempted to take her own life this week.  Reports are conflicting as to if she slit her wrists or overdosed on medication, but aroung 1:30am, Paris called a suicide hotline and they immediately called 911.  Earlier in the day she sent out a series of tweets that lead people to believe she is suffering from depression.

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Not only is she dealing with being a celebrity teen, but she lost her father (who she was very close to), she went thru a custody ordeal with her family, she recently reconnected with her biological mother (Debbie Rowe), Wade Robinson recently came forward to accuse Michael of sexual abuse and she is a key witness in a multi million dollar lawsuit against AEG Live over the death of her father.  That’s a lot for anyone to deal with.  We’re praying for you Paris and we’re glad you’re still here.


According To NYDailyNews:

The pressure of testifying in the high-stakes legal showdown over Michael Jackson’s death drove Paris Jackson to attempt suicide by slitting her wrist, sources close to the family told the Daily News.

The King of Pop’s only daughter was due to take the stand by the end of the month in the billion-dollar wrongful death lawsuit pitting the Jackson family against AEG, the promoter of his doomed run of concerts.

But rehearsals for the testimony have worn on the 15-year-old who watched her superstar father become a shell of himself before he died, a source said.

“Every time she speaks about Michael, she tears up,” said the source, referring to the teen’s interactions with family lawyers.

“She’s just a wreck. She was getting more and more emotional about having to take the stand as the day gets closer,” the source added. “This is a plea for help. She is broken.”

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That source said that Paris cut one of her wrists multiple times early Wednesday at her Los Angeles area home following a series of ominous tweets. A second source confirmed she had cut her wrist.

Katherine Jackson has been caring for Paris since Michael Jackson’s death on June 25, 2009.

Paris and her mom Debbie Rowe
Paris and her mom Debbie Rowe

The latest shock wave to rock the Jackson family began at 1:27 a.m. when firefighters were called to the Calabasas mansion where the teen lives with Katherine Jackson for “a possible overdose.”

TMZ initially reported Jackson had cut her wrists multiple times before being wheeled out of her home on a stretcher and taken to a nearby hospital. The website also reported that Paris used a meat cleaver to slice her wrist, and that she left a suicide note. She called a suicide hotline, which resulted in the operator calling 911, TMZ reported.

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