Rihanna Opens Up To Oprah About Chris Brown, Her Fears, Being Lonely & The Stress Of Fame

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Pop sensation Rihanna has been making headlines and selling millions of records for the past few years.  Now, we will find out what really happens behind the scenes and inside her head.  Oprah Winfrey made a trip to Ri Ri’s homeland of Barbados to do a sit down interview for her hit show, Oprah’s Next Chapter on OWN.  The un-disputed talk show queen has increased the networks ratings by 25% (un-heard of) this past year by snagging interviews like this one.

Rihanna makes it very clear that she wants to enjoy her success but she also wants to live her life without being under the constraints of ‘being good’ for the sake of setting an example.  Her ‘Next Chapter’ interview with Oprah airs next Sunday, August 19th and Rihanna fans and critics should come away with better insight on what her life is really like. She will also talk about Chris Brown and what her relationship with him is at the current moment. During her emotional interview, she tells Oprah, ‘I’m afraid of the pedestal that comes fame’ while also revealing, ‘It’s amazing how lonely you can feel‘.  There are times when she takes brief pauses to hold back tears.

Oprah also described her experience hanging out with Rihanna in her homeland:

I went there with my own ideas about who she was. I thought she was gonna be kind of a badass, kind of a hard-edged, rocker pop woman. Nothing could have been further from the truth. This is who she was for me and my cameras. She was 100 percent herself. She was thoughtful. She was very emotional. She was vulnerable. She pushes the edge…I came away really getting a great sense of who she was.

This is how you know who someone is. How people react to them. When we went back to the neighborhood, this reaction surprised me because it wasn’t like a big superstar megastar popstar had arrived in the neighborhood. But it was just as if she had gone to the grocery store and came back. It was great to see.


The interview for Oprah’s Next Chapter will air on August 19 at 9pm on OWN.  Sounds interesting!

Check out a clip from the interview below:

Source: OWN, NecoleBitchie

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