Reggie Bush Confirms He Is Expecting His First Baby!

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One of the sexiest men alive is officially a baby daddy.   My favorite chocolate football player and ex-boyfriend of Kim Kardashian, Reggie Bush is expecting his first child with his new girlfriend.  The Dolphins’ 27-year-old running back confirmed rumors that his girlfriend, Lilit Avagyan, is pregnant during an appearance on the “Paul and Young Ron Show” on Tuesday morning. After talking about how excited the couple was, Bush revealed that they didn’t yet know the sex of the child.  Lilit is only 12 weeks pregnant.

“I’m hoping for a boy, because if it’s a girl I’m going straight to the gun shop to buy some guns,” Bush said during his radio appearance.

While the child was not planned, the couple seem to be excited.  But reportedly, they are the only ones.   It’s been reported that Reggies ex Kim Kardashian is extremly hurt by the announcent. She made it no secret that she wanted to marry Reggie and start a family with him during their 3 year relationship, but Bush was not ready.

“She feels it is a slap in the face that Reggie would consider having a baby with this woman when he wouldn’t with her,” an unnamed “source close to Kim” told RadarOnline.

Avagyan, a  professional dancer, has been dubbed a “Kim Kardashian Look-Alike,” but one thing is clear, Reggie definitely has a type.


“She is extremely excited to become a mom, even though it wasn’t planned,” a source described as “a friend of Reggie’s” told In Touch. And Reggie feels the same way. “He’s excited and can’t wait to announce it!”

Congratulations guys!  Farewell Sexy Single Reggie…Hello Daddy Reggie.


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