R&B Divas Spoiler Alert: Kelly Price & Dawn Robinson Perform ‘Not Yo Mama’s Monologues’ Alone

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R&B Divas L.A. has turned out to be as messy as R&B Divas Atlanta Season 2.  This franchise that started out to be about harmony and great women in R&B music, has turned into something negative.  It’s unfortunate.  Kelly Price had a wonderful idea at the top of the season to put together a show of monologues about the lives of all of the Divas.  It was supposed to be positive, revealing and therapeutic.  In a surprise twist of events, the show has caused a rift between Kelly Price and Chante Moore because they couldn’t agree on a director for the show.  We are not sure what was going on behind the scenes, but we will find out in a future interview!  For now, the only assumption we can make is that the vision did not come together and the group split up to do their own versions of the monologues.  The duo used Broadway In The Hood Director, Torrey Russell, who also works with Maya Angelou.   Kelly Price and Dawn Robinson released a sneak peek of the 1 night only show they put on Saturday, April 20th.

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Kelly released this statement along with the video:

On Saturday April 20, 2013 In a one night only presentation to an exclusive audience in Hollywood, Ca. Dawn Robinson and Kelly Price bared their souls and told things about their lives and careers that had never been spoken in public before. Shared through dramatic monologues and songs written and performed by the ladies it was an emotional roller coaster of hearty laughter mixed with intense cries. Directed By Torrey Russell (Maya Angelou, Broadway In The Hood) with Musical Direction by Grammy winning producer Anthony Shep Crawford Not Your Mama’s Monologues doesn’t disappoint. We look forward to the full production of this theatrical jewel coming to the stage in theaters soon!

Sorry to hear that it did not work out between the ladies.  Apparently, Chante, Mo’, Claudette and Michel’le performed their version of monologues with director Fred Thomas, at a different venue.  We will keep you posted when we get more details.  So Sad.

Watch the teaser below:

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  • Ralford

    Kelly was so mean to all of the other girls. And Fred. Too bossy and self centered. A for sure Bully!

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  • Taymanaiw

    Kelly Price what can one say, I’m not going to disrespect her or call her out of her name. A women of god an humble,positive philanthropist or even a humanitarian she possibly can’t be base off the reality of who she is an the way she handle difficult situations! Regardless of the onscreen / offscreen dynamic! That attitude an persona says a lot about her!! I personally not feeling her vibe an doubting her as an decent human being but not as a artist ability to keep me as a fan who respects her gifts! Celebrity only amplify who you really are as a person, you can’t change that!! The show was not an good ideal for her to sign on for. Did she watch Nicci Gillbert an seen the “Retaliation” of her actions !! Smh

  • I’m sorry but that was terrible. That was no production for monologues. It was just rambling and then sing a song. They might as well have just said Kelly and dawn would be “speaking” and gracing us with a song to be honest. I’m on theater and have been in productions since I was seven and that was not it. A monologue production resembles a play but showcases one person at a time rather than the whole cast with dialogue. Perhaps if Kelly would’ve acted adult like and rational, this would’ve turned out better. She was rude, condescending, and disrespectful to the other ladies as well as Fred the Producer. Plus she belittled and that’s not right. She should’ve had her team and rehearsals all laid out when presenting the idea then no one would’ve had to try to help her by finding outside sources to bring in. Plus, if it was suppose to be group effort with all the ladies contributions and stories, then why was their contribution such a problem? I can’t wait to see what the other ladies and Fred come up with! Kelly made the insinuation that she’s the name and the person everyone wants to see, not the others, in her comments of,”I’m busy. My schedule is booked for the month. I don’t have to do this.” And then to chante, her friend, after she said if she had to she’d do it by herself. Kelly’s response,”let me know where I can buy a ticket.” With a laugh of course. So on that note, I hope Kelly got that ticket.

    • Sheena

      I totally agree with you 100%. That looked just as bad as the Broadway in the Hood’s Dreamgirls. I had all respect for Kelly when the show aired but after 6 episodes, I am just shocked at the behavior. Chante was only filling in due to Kelly’s “busy schedule”. It is obvious Kelly has a issue with control and it showed. She did a whole lot of lying (Kelly) and back peddling. The scene with the timberlands, vaseline and box cutter was a bit much. She knew damned well it had nothing to do with it being just “props”. Just as Mo said, when you have those listed items, it is time for a straight hood fight. Why would Kelly be so open to bring “props” when she was never “comfortable” with Fred? Really Kelly? Get your life.

  • Tiny Tee

    5 minutes of a television show, Hasn’t changed my mind about Kelly. She is a platinum selling artist, a song writer a wife,and a mother, etc. We all get angry, yes, she handled the situation in the wrong way and if she believed that Chante had stabbed her in the back she should have simply told her. I would see this production. I am not judging Kelly for being human,She has over 20 yrs in the entertainment business and not one scandal I can’t say that about the other ladies, now can you?

    • Sheena

      I don’t think that recalling your success over one another is the issue. I agree that she is successful and I would have to say that the other women are as well. However, I believed that Kelly should have been women enough to admit that she did not put her heart into it as the others. And by not doing so, Chante wanted to help get the project on the way. Kelly could have made more of an effort to meet with all the ladies to discuss who she has in mind as a director. Okay, she was busy but with so many means of communications available; she could have text, called, skyped, or emailed who she had in mind. Because of the lack of communication there was a misunderstanding. She was not being truthful from that moment on. Then for her to say that she was just too busy and drop out and then later this sneak peak is leaked………. Words can not express my disappoinment. And for her to admit that she is a Godly woman. Wow!!! is all I can say.

  • Sheena

    I am shocked that it turned out like this. I was blown away by the idea of black women coming together to share their stories of pain in the midst of success. But to see the division because a lack of vision is truely disheartening. This is the reason why women of color can not be on one accord. We are so caught up with wanting to be seen more or out shine brighter than the other sister. When are we going to be able to be together and 100% give support to one another. This is not the way God would have planned.
    I pray that they can really get it together and work together collectively. What is wrong with being able to diagree to agree or agree to disagree?????/

  • Denisa

    Kelly has definitely let her inner bully show, and show a lot. For her and her “flunky” Dawn to do this on their own as if they were the one’s people wanted to see, says a lot about their ego’s. I’m frankly not surprised they did something on their own, I seen that one coming when Kelly dropped out. What a shame people don’t understand what television does to their reputation.

  • DDK&Lovely

    Kelly’s actions has lead to a couple of major GOSPEL show closures. She must learn how to improve her attitude, behavior and most of all comments.

    Also, must stop believing she knows everything and has to learn from others. For some, we are not surprised about her evil spiritness, as she claims how she loves the Lord Thou GOD.