R.Kelly Teases Us With The Next Episode Of TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET…Yes, It’s Coming Back..

Posted by: cnikky


Oh boy…R. Kelly is bringing back his famous TRAPPED IN THE CLOSET series just in time for Thanksgiving weekend!  When you and your cousins and aunties are done raiding the stores on Black Friday, you can all go home and gather around the t.v. to watch the next few chapters of Trapped In the Closet.  If you are like me, you lost track somewhere around Chapter 12.  But, have no fear, IFC will have a marathon of all 21 chapters, yes 21 chapters, starting at 10am on Thanksgiving Day.

R. Kelly,  already plays multiple roles in the series, but he adds two more characters in the new chapters.  Dr. Perry is there to give marriage counseling to Rufus and Cathy, while “Beeno” is yet another player in the Chicago underworld.  Oh Lawd!

This man keeps me shaking my head…

Watch below to decide if you’ll check out the next few chapters Thanksgiving Weekend:

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