President Obama Vs. Mitt Romney…Who Won The First Debate?

Posted by: cnikky

33 Days and counting until the Presidential election…who are you voting for?  Last night was the first of three presidential debates and it’s debatable who won?   As far as who won and who lost the first debate, some say it was a draw.  Although the TV pundits seem in agreement that the more loquacious and aggressive Mitt Romney emerged the clear winner over the more taciturn and passive President Obama. (Even liberal MSNBC is condemning Obama for failing to show more fight…)  I personally think Obama is strategizing to come back with the one two punch…but that’s just me? Still unclear who was the overall winner after factchecking.


That said, It was clear the moderator Jim Lehrer lost control. (One Deadline commentator snarked, “Lehrer was the replacement ref of debate moderators.”)  As for entertainment value, however, this debate was a bit boring.

Your thoughts???


Source: Deadline

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