President Obama Is Back! Romney & Obama Battle It Out In Presidential Debate #2

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The second Presidential debate took place last night and while most suggest Romney was the clear winner in the first debate, Obama was the clear winner in last nights debate.  The Barack Obama of 2008 showed up and both men were ready for a fight.

President Obama was under pressure to perform dramatically better at this debate—held at Hofstra University in Long Island, N.Y.—than the one held two weeks ago. Gov. Romney’s energetic performance at that first debate quickly boosted him in the polls, with some recent measures showing he and the president in a virtual tie among likely voters.

While many Romney opposers say that he tells blatant lies during the debates and they may have had their point proven last night.  During the discussion on the attack on Libya, Romney tried to call out President Obama by saying that he did not call the attack an act of terror.  The moderator then stepped in and told Romney that Obama DID in fact call it an act of terror.  At that moment Obama smiled and said, “Can you repeat that Candy?”  Uh-oh Romney…

Watch that below:


Romney kept up his Denver demeanor, attacking Obama on his jobs record, failure to pass immigration reform, policies in the Middle East, and other issues. But this time, instead of simply repeating portions of his stump speech, Obama was ready with specific retorts and counter-attacks. The president frequently accused Romney of twisting facts, occasionally interrupting him as he spoke.

At one point, the debate almost became a shouting match over whether President Obama had cut back oil extraction from public lands. Obama repeatedly said Romney was lying about his claim that oil production was down, pointedly saying, “Not true, Governor Romney.” Feeling the heat, moderator Candy Crowley took the candidates to another topic.

The 90-minute town hall-style debate got personal at times. Romney took a detour on an answer on immigration reform to address Obama campaign claims that his personal fortune is invested in China and shielded from taxes. “Mr. President, have you looked at your pension?” he asked, implying the president is also unaware of the nature of his investments. “You know, I don’t look at my pension,” Obama retorted, adding, “It’s not as big as yours so it doesn’t take as long.”

The final debate will take place on Monday in Boca Raton, Fl.  How do you feel about the debate?

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