President Obama Gets 4 More Years!!! Congratulations Mr. President! OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA!!

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The 44th President of the United States of America is…..OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA, OBAMA!!!  Congratulations Mr. President!  4 more years, well deserved!!  Around 11:18pm (Eastern time) most of the networks reported that President Obama had won!  Places like, Chicago, New York, Atlanta and even Kenya went crazy.  However, Republican Candidate Mitt Romney’s camp didn’t share in the excitement.  The president needed 270 electoral votes to win and winning the battleground state of Ohio put him over the top.  Romney was not ready to concede.  He did not concede or speak to his supporters until more than 2 hours later.  Understandably, he wasn’t ready to accept defeat.

It was a victorious night for Democrats , the Gay and Lesbian community and Marijuana lovers.  The Democrats took over the Senate, The first openly Lesbian Senator was elected in Wisconsin, Gay marriage was legalized in 3 states and Marijuana was legalized (no prescription necessary) in Colorado.

Soon after Romney conceded, President Obama walked on stage in Chicago with his family to his theme song, Stevie Wonders Signed Sealed Delivered, I’m Your’s!  He gave a powerful and impactful speech to all Americans and thanked everyone for their tireless support.  There is no surprise that at the time of his acceptance, Florida still hadn’t reported who won in the Sunshine state.  Although, Obama was in the lead, they refused to call a Democrat win (no surprise there).

Interesting election news according to

  • The Democrats grabbed control of the Senate, while Republicans maintained the House.
  • Same-sex marriage was officially voted legal in Maryland, Washington State and Maine.  It was voted down in Missouri.
  • VP candidate Paul Ryan’s back-up plan worked–he was re-elected to his House seat for Wisconsin (even though the Romney/Ryan ticket LOST Wisconsin in the Presidential bid)
  • Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) is now the first openly gay Senator-elect in US history.
  • Despite his long absence and troubled year, Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. easily won re-election for his House seat in Illinois.
  • Colorado became the first state to legalize marijuana (even without stipulations like medical marijuana licenses).
  • Rep. Todd Akin (the “legitimate rape” fool) lost his bid for a Senate seat from Missouri.  Dem. Senator Claire McCaskill won a second term.
  • There is now a historic number of women in the U.S. Senate as of Tuesday night.  After at least 4 were just elected, it brings the total to 19 (it was 17 before Tuesday).
  • Obama won all battleground states (and is leading in Florida still at time of posting) except North Carolina.
  • The youth vote (18-39) was 60% in favor of Obama, and the demo voted in record setting numbers!

Congratulations First Family!!


Watch President Obama’s acceptance speech below:


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