P.Diddy will launch his own network in 2012!!….but wait.. so will Tyler Perry, Magic Johnson & Sir Charles!!!!

Posted by: cnikky

One of my favorite people is at it again! Sean “P. Diddy” CombsWILL launch his own network at the end of 2012! Sean Combs, the entertainment impresario known as Diddy, will launch a music-themed cable network. The channel is called Revolt and is aiming to launch at the end of the year–12/12/12, to be specific.

“I’m thrilled to be at the helm to usher in a completely new model of television that brings together the artist community, social media, and cutting edge technology. The opportunity to create a home for music, artists, and fans to communicate in an authentic way is truly unique. REVOLT will celebrate and recreate the platform that helped launch my career, and give the world a new way to experience music on television.”

According to the Comcast: REVOLT is a revolution in music on television, a place where artists and their viewers come together and engage with technology and social media. It’s a channel where new artists can share their work in the way it was meant to be: raw, uncut, and uncensored.Yes! I can’t wait!!

In addition LA Lakers Mag former owner and Hall of Famer Magic Johnson in conjunction with GMC TV will launch an African American family network called ASPIRE. Aspire is dedicated to delivering enlightening, entertaining and positive programming to African-Americans families, including movies, documentaries, short films, music, comedy, visual and performing arts, and faith and inspirational programs. it’s also set to celebrate the successes, achievements and accomplishments of the African-American community and create new opportunities for the next generation of African-American visionaries. The network will launch by summer 2012.

Tyler Perry is teaming up with Lionsgate to launch either Tylervision or TylerTV (they are still debating the name). No word on the launch date or the programming, but I’m sure there will be lots of praising the Lord shows, dramatic plays, laugh-out-loud comedy, Oprah re-runs, alot of fresh new talent, Madea and Tasha Smith! Tyler is slowly taking over the world! NBA Hall of Fame baller/Analyst Charles Barkley is a co-founder of Kin TV. The multicast network Bounce TV launched in September, while Kin TV is aiming to debut in the spring.


Diddy is the definition of a Renaissance man! He is an award winning Producer (music, tv and film), Artist, actor, dancer, fashion designer, fragrance impresario, Branding genius, music label owner, manager, great father and now Network Owner! James Brown has some serious competition for the title “Hardest Working Man in Show Business.” I’’m proud of you Diddy! Way to raise the stakes and prove that we can accomplish anything! Tell all the haters (in my Diddy voice) “Take that,Take that.” Congrats Gentlemen

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