OWN Has A New Line-Up Of Reality Shows! ‘Houston Beauty’ & ‘Crazy, Sexy, Life!’

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OWN is gearing up to be a big contender in the reality show game!  Last night, after the season finale of The Haves and The Have Not’s, Oprah gave audiences a sneak peek at one of her new reality shows, ‘Crazy, Sexy, Life.’  She will be debuting another new reality show in November called ‘Houston Beauty.’  CSL, centers around a celebrity hair stylist and her friends and the other is about a Beauty School in Houston, Texas.  One thing is for sure…if you want drama, you can guarantee you will find it in a Beauty salon.  Let’s just hope these shows keep it classy!


Houston Beauty shines a light on the big dreams, big personalities and even bigger challenges of its students and staff. The Jemison Family has owned and operated Franklin Beauty School for over 98 years, making it one of the oldest beauty schools in the country. They run a tight ship, but they aren’t always prepared for what will walk through their doors. For many of their students, the stakes are high as they have major barriers to overcome in their lives. A cosmetology license would mean a whole new life for them—but only if they can overcome their personal struggles along the way. With the help of Ms. J and her staff, Franklin students are set on a path for success in both cosmetology and life. Ms. J’s tough love inspires students through difficult circumstances and gives them the determination to keep on track to a better future. She is a mother figure to many of her students and is known (sometimes to a fault!) to never give up on them, truly earning the nickname “Mama J.”

Catch the series premiere of Houston Beauty on Saturday, November 2nd at 10/9c.

Watch A Clip Of Houston Beauty Below:

Last night, after Last night, after Tyler Perry’s The Haves and The Have Nots, the network tested a brand new pilot for the show, Crazy.Sexy.Life, which centers around celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright (one of her top clients and good friends is Ciara), and her three amazing friends of 10 years, Bershan, Chenoa, and Tiffany. Each woman is creeping up to age 40, and their biological clocks are definitely ticking while they are still trying to balance their careers.

Crazy Sexy Life

Here’s the rundown: Kiyah is turning 40 and she’s trying to figure out if her 27-year-old boyfriend is the one. She’s dealing with the struggles of most career women who want love but she sometimes has to stop and ask herself the dreaded question, “Did I miss my moment?” Chenoa is an actress and photographer who pumped the brakes on her career for marriage and a family. Bershan survived stage four breast cancer and is now ready to stop living off her wealthy husband and start a business of her own, while Tiffany is also a breast cancer survivor and free spirit who manages a fashion house in SoHo, but doesn’t get along with Bershan.

Although these ladies do have disagreements, they are far too classy to be throwing drinks across the table. Instead, you will see them work through their issues like adults, and when there is drama, it’s normally dealing with the issues that affect most women who are just trying to figure life out. For example, on last night’s episode, Chenoa revealed that she had been trying to have a baby for the last three years with no success. Her husband is now asking for a separation because he wants a family. Is he really ready to throw all of their years of marriage and what they’ve built down the drain?
Watch The First 5 Minutes Of Crazy, Sexy, Life Below:

Sneak Peek: Watch the First 5 Minutes of Crazy.Sexy.Life

Kiyah, Chenoa, Bershan, and Tiffany are four fabulous women in New York City who seemingly have it all, which isn’t easy in a fast-paced Crazy.Sexy.Life. These uniquely different ladies have fierce love for each other, but aren’t afraid to keep it real.

To learn more about Crazy.Sexy.Life click here.

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