Oprah Winfrey Shares A Day In The Life Of A Mogul In The Latest Issue of Harper’s Bazaar

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Many of us have probably said, Oh it must be so fabulous to be Oprah Winfrey, myself included! Well, in the latest issue of Haper’s Bazaar magazine, the Queen of all media, gave us a glimpse into her everyday life.  It’s no suprise that she works incredibly hard, but you might have thought that after a 25 year career on television and becoming a billionaire at some point, she might be shopping, yachting and reading the paper under one of her oak trees.  But, not so much!

The super mogul looks fabulous and is noticeably thinner these days.  Famed photographer Terry Richardson, captured her beauty and class in a fab white tuxedo and red coat.  Love!

From early mornings, to conference calls with the heads of networks to traveling around the world, and eating boring healthy food, being Oprah might not be as glamorous as you’d expect.

“Her schedule is manic. Winfrey is an early bird, up by 5:45, 6 A.M. (“Stedman’s usually up at 5:30.”) Breakfast of late is “blackberries and half a banana, some almond milk and a little protein powder.” While still in bed she reads a passage from TheDailyLove.com, then from The Bowl of Saki: “It’s like the Sufi Daily Word.” Then it’s a workout, followed by either travel or doing “five or six” calls with her network heads, or both, and, she says, sighing, “trying to work out how social media will fit in there.” (Winfrey is also working on getting seven graduates of her girls’ school in South Africa settled in American colleges.) She doesn’t catch up with famed best friend Gayle King as regularly these days, given that King, a cohost of CBS This Morning, needs to be asleep nightly by 8:30. “I was on the phone with Gayle the other night,” Winfrey recalls. “She asked me a question, and then it was…snore!” She howls with laughter.”

Oh,,,O!  Love you girl!
Photos/Story: Harpers Bazaar

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  • Polly Sanders

    I have more admiration for Oprah than I do for Kate Middleton. Oprah achieved fame & fortune on her own- she did not “achieve” it through marriage (the lazy way) like Kate Middleton. Unlike Kate Middleton, Oprah defines herself by what she has accomplished as opposed to defining herself by who she is married to.