Oh No! Danity Kane Members Dawn Richards & Aubrey O’Day Were Involved In A Fist Fight & Aubrey Is Pressing Charges On Dawn?!

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Danity Kane


This is not good news for fans of Danity Kane.  Allegedly, Danity Kane was busy making new music in the studio on Monday, when a physical altercation broke out between Dawn Richards (formerly of Diddy Dirty Money) and Aubrey O’Day.  According to TMZ, Dawn punched Audrey in the head and now, Aubrey is pressing charges with the police.

Danity Kane has made some serious changes over the years, due to not getting along and having differences of opinion.

Danity Kane

The fresh faced group that was hand picked by Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs on MTV’s ‘Making The Band.’ started out with five girls.  They had 2 hit albums and toured the world with Christina Aguilera.  But, they soon dismantled and the only one who experienced solo success was Dawn Richards in Dirty Money.  Aubrey O’Day had her own reality show, but it was cancelled after only one season.

VMA's Danity Kane

Then, the girls announced that they were coming back, during the MTV Awards red carpet. But, this time they decided to come together and leave out group member D. Woods, who seemed to be a big reason why there was a rift between group members the first time around. Some say, leaving D out was a great move.

Danity Kane

All seemed well, until 4th member Andrea announced during their comeback tour that she was leaving the group because she was pregnant and wanted to get married and raise a family. Fans were shocked, but the newly formed DK3 proved that the show must go on, by rocking their new hot song, ‘Lemondade,’ without Andrea!

Danity Kane

Now, it seems as though they still can’t get it together and the very strong willed Dawn Richards and Aubrey O’Day are at each others throats! Shannon Bex did try to break up the fight, but she was unsuccessful. What does this mean for DK3? Hopefully, they will follow in the steps of Destinys Child, who also experienced several group mix-ups and still went on to achieve tremendous success. We wish you the best ladies!

Watch Andrea announce her departure and the girls perform Lemonade below:

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