Oh Boy…The Hangover Part III Is Coming Soon…Watch The New Trailer!

Posted by: cnikky


The adventure continues…The final installment of The Hangover is coming to theatres on Memorial Day and it looks like fans of the franchise…will not be disappointed.  Did I mention that Melissa McCarthy is in this one??!!

According to Yahoo:

“We’ve been on a lot of adventures together, but it seems like you haven’t learned ANYTHING!”

Zach Galifianakis’s Alan says that to Ed Helms’ Stu in the new teaser trailer to “The Hangover Part III,” and in a way, that seems to sum up the entire series – no matter where Alan, Stu, and their friend Phil (Bradley Cooper) go, the Wolfpack ends up stepping in it in a big way.

And while the preview only answers so many questions about why and how bad luck comes their way in the final film of the series, there’s just enough there to confirm the finale will be their wildest ride yet.


The trailer does at least confirm a few details that have been a matter of speculation up to know. As rumored, Alan’s father has died, and the Wolfpack have gathered for the funeral (and who knew Alan could sing “Ave Maria” like that?). While director Todd Phillips had been coy about the possibility of McCarthy being in the film, she’s there all right. And Heather Graham is back for the big finish to the trilogy. The guys end up in Las Vegas again (“I told myself I would never come back,” Helms says ruefully as they drive into town), as well as somewhere in the desert, though reports that they make their way through much of the West Coast aren’t fully resolved here. And in a couple bits, Helms gets to rock a cowboy hat that would make Brett Michaels proud. Nice.


Watch the trailer below:

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