Obama Shows Up, Donald Trump Says The Hurricane Is Just “Good Luck” For Obama Star Jones Gets Mad!

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The circus continues…President Obama came to New Jersey yesterday to access the devastation of Hurricane Sandy with Governor Christie.  While, it was very presidential of him to get off the campaign trail and put people in need first, Donald Trump (once again) had something negative to say.  But this time, Star Jones was in defense of the President along with Solange Knowles.  Of Course Trump snapped back….

According to Yahoo:

Just six days before the election, President Barack Obama toured storm-ravaged areas with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. He told Garden State residents struggling in the superstorm’s aftermath that all of America shares their pain—and their government is there to help.

“The main message I wanted to send is the entire country has been watching what’s been happening,” Obama said Wednesday during a visit to the Brigantine Beach Community Center. “Everybody knows how hard Jersey’s been hit.”

(“Except my boss,” shouted Michael Henshaw, 32, a Brigantine resident who works at an insurance company. “Well, except your boss. If you need me to call, you let me know,” Obama replied, drawing laughter from the room. That exchange, and many of the details in this post, are from pool reporter Reid Epstein of Politico.)

“I just want to tell all of you exactly what the president just said. I know he means it,” Christie said. “I want to thank the president for coming here today. It’s really important to have the president of the United States acknowledge all the suffering that’s going on here in New Jersey, and I appreciate it very much. We’re going to work together to make sure we get ourselves through this crisis and get everything back to normal. Thank you for coming, sir.”

Both men cited the urgent need to restore power to the vast areas that lost it during the storm.

Obama, who canceled campaign events on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to take charge of the federal response, said he had instituted a “15-minute rule” for returning telephone calls from governors and mayors.

 “If they need something, we’ll figure out a way to say ‘yes,'” the president said. “We will not quit until this is done,” he promised.

Meanwhile..back at the ranch…Donald Trump was fuming.

I always said Obama is lucky for himself but unlucky for the country. The storm could be very good for him as he will stand in the rain doing nothing but with the cameras rolling.

Hurricane is good luck for Obama again- he will buy the election by handing out billions of dollars.

Not only giving out money, but Obama will be seen today standing in water and rain like he is a real President — don’t fall for it.

Because of the hurricane, I am extending my 5 million dollar offer for President Obama’s favorite charity until 12PM on Thursday. Maybe Obama should donate my $5M to the families of the 17 who have lost loved ones during the storm?

Solange Knowles, an Obama supporter, tweeted back:

Have one. A seat. Any seat. @realDonaldTrump

Since when is a hurricane good luck for anyone? How insensitive to say regarding a time with so much distress and agony. @RealDonaldTrump

Trump may have ignored Solange tweets but  he was fighting mad after Star Jones, posted about President Obama laughing off the feud with Donald Trump on The Today Show. She tweeted,

Admit it…Pure Class. Don’t Hate…APPRECIATE!>Barack #Obama Laughs Off Feud With Donald Trump On ‘The Tonight Show

To which, Donald Trump responded in full attack mode:

Before Star Jones begged me to put her on The Apprentice she was “professionally dead.” I saved her tiny career — now she knocks my offer on the TODAY Show!

I defended @StarJonesEsq when she lied about her stomach operation to lose weight — only to get blindsided by her on the @todayshow.

I defended @StarJonesEsq against @NeNeLeakes on The Apprentice when @NeNeLeakes was making a fool out of her — but my loyalty was not rewarded. I should have let @NeNeLeakes finish the job.


I don’t even know what to say about Donald Trump…he is ruining his brand with this nonsense.   Solange is right, a hurricane is never luck.  How ignorant of him to say that.  As far as his comments about Star Jones…he’s starting to sound like a spoiled child who will step on anyone that doesn’t support his cause.  Very immature Mr. Trump.  He has such a great brand, he should stop now before he completely ruins it.
I’m glad to see our President stepping up to the plate (as usual).  He is truly a great leader.  We are pulling for our friends affected by the hurricane on the east coast.
Source/Pics: Yahoo!, NecoleBitchie, Twitter

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