Nick Cannon Says DRUMLINE Sequel Is On The Way…& Larenz Tate Joins The Cast Of HOUSE OF LIES

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The movie that made Nick Cannon a star, is coming back…with a new cast.  Nick may be producing and directing a sequel as well as a television series.  But don’t worry, he will be in the movie!

Nick Cannon has become one of the biggest behind-the-scenes moguls in Hollywood. The actor-turned-media personality has recently announced via his Twitter account that the 2002 hit movie “Drumline,” which he headlined, would be revived for new projects. Apparently, the film was playing on television, which prompted Cannon to share the good news with his followers.

“Shout out to everyone watching Drumline right now.

EXCLUSIVE NEWS: I’m producing Drumline 2 and the TV show for VH1. Stay tuned!!” he tweeted.

“SPOILER ALERT: I’m not the main character. I’m too damn old! New class! I’m getting my behind the camera on! But I will be in the movie,’ Cannon continued.

While the film may have premiered a decade ago and require some dusting off, Cannon has proved to have a knack for television, given the success of his Nickelodeon movie “Rags” starring Keke Palmer. 

 I was suprised there wasn’t a sequel 10 years ago!  I hope it works now!  Will you be watching??


Don Cheadle (left) and Larenz Tate (middle) at an award show after their movie Crash.

According to Deadline, the very handsome actor that we love from movies like LOVE JONES , MENACE 2 SOCIETY  & DEAD PRESIDENTS, will be coming to cable to join the Emmy & Oscar nominated phenom Don Cheadle!

Meet Marty’s brother.  Rescue Me alum Larenz Tate has joined the cast of Showtime’s comedy House Of Lies in a recurring role.  He will play Malcolm, the brother of the star of the show, Marty (Don Cheadle).  Malcolm is smart and educated; he is also their father’s favorite and the ultimate sham artist. House Of Lies, which earned star Cheadle an Emmy nomination, kicks off its second season January 13.  Great choice!  I love this show.  Can’t wait!!


Via: Deadline, TheYBF, Ebony, Twitter

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