New Video: Usher Re-Visits That Night In Berlin When He Broke Down & Walked Off The Stage In His New Video NUMB

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Usher decided to bring up his own past in his new video NUMB.  He begins the video by showing clips of his much talked about break-down that he had at his concert in Berlin last year (video below).  Many people speculated drugs, alcohol and a nervous break-down, but he just says he went NUMB.  The dance song, delves into the emotion more so with the words and the images then with the beat.  I kind of wish this was a ballad instead of a dance song, but it’s great that he is open to addressing it now.

While many fans were confused and disappointed, he has since explained that at that moment he was going through deep personal issues with seeing his kids and he was overwhelmed.  He didn’t think he would ever perform again.

I’m glad he got through it, he just wants folks to know, you can get through anything.   Death, illness, stress, anything.

CHeck out the video below:

Here is Usher walking off the stage in Berlin:


Via: Youtube

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