New Video: Kendrick Lamar ‘B**ch Don’t Kill My Vibe’ W/Cameo From Mike Epps

Posted by: cnikky

kendrick lamar and mike epps

Kendrick Lamar is the 25 year old rapper from Compton, that has taken the rap game by storm.  His latest single off of his debut album is a bit somber, but Mike Epps shows up and helps him turn his frown up side down.  At one point, Mike Epps (the priest) is baptising Kendrick in a pool of liquor.  It’s a cute reference to Kendrick’s former hit “Drank.”

Kendrick and friends are attending a funeral, but instead of being sad the entire time, they decide to celebrate the death of who……..Molly.  O.K. Kendrick

Watch the video below:

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