New Video Hotness: Tamar Braxton Gets It Right With Her New Video Starring Vince ‘All The Way Home’

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Tamar Braxton All The Way Home


Our girl Tamar Braxton was not happy with her last video, Hot Sugar.  While fans anticipated the release of the popular song,  the visual did not live up to the vibrant personality of one of our favorite divas.  However, her latest video, for her new single ‘All The way Home, finally gave us what we’ve been waiting for!

Tamar Braxton All The Way Home 2

Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert All The way Home

Sexy, but classy Tamar, living the glamorous life but having both conflict and resolution with her real life love interest, Vincent Herbert!  Let’s be honest, this is the video we’ve wanted since Love and War was released!  But, we should’t be surprised because Director Erik White, the man behind an enormous amount of fabulous music videos (Chris Brown, Mindless Behavior, Keri Hilson etc.) was the visionary.

Erik White on the set of All The way Home - Tamar Braxton

Erik captured the essence of Tamar and Vince’s tumultuous relationship and although the song is hot on it’s own, it kinda makes you love it even more.

Tamar Braxton-Herbert and Vincent Herbert All The way Home

Tamar Braxton-Herbert All The way Home


Werk Tamar!  Love it!!

Vincent Herbert and Tamar Braxton All The Way Home

Erik also directed the first video for Tamar’s Christmas album, ‘She Can Have You!’  More on that later…. FYI, he killed it again.

To see more of our favorite couple, watch Braxton Family Values on We TV every Thursday night!

Check out the fab Erik White’s creation for Tamar Braxton’s “All The Way Home,’ below:


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