New Video: Frank Ocean PYRAMIDS

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Frank Ocean is taking over the charts, the airways and the arenas (charging up to $100,000 for an appearance).  His album Channel Orange sky-rocketed after he was brave enough to come out about his sexuality.  The soulfoul singer has the ability to make you feel his pain through his lyrics.  His latest video PYRAMIDS is equally as haunting as the song.   The video, directed by Nabil, features Frank shooting up a bar before hopping on a motorcycle and taking a ride through the desert in a suit. He finally arrives at The Pyramids and inside Frank finds strippers. [‘She’s working at the Pyramids tonight’.] There’s also a chilling appearance/guitar solo by John Mayer.  Frank and John Mayer appeared on SNL or Saturday to perform the song.

 “Pyramids” was written by Mr. Ocean himself and produced by Malay & Om’Mas Keith.
Watch the video below (warning partial nudity):


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