New Video: EVE is Back With “SHE BAD BAD”

Posted by: cnikky



Eve was arguably one of the best rappers in the game when I was growing up and apparently, she’s still got it!  The former Ruff Ryder has dropped her first video in a long time and despite the pregnancy rumors, she looks as hot as ever?

 Eve has suffered through plenty of set backs for this upcoming Liplock album. Many thought it would be shelved permanently after her departure from her former label Interscope.  But,  she’s now releasing the album on her own label, Blondie Rockwell Inc.

 This song, “She Bad Bad” has a nice Caribbean feel so expect to hear it in the clubs.  Eve was one of the first artist to brand herself with a clothing line, shoes, handbags and television and movies.  It would be great to see her make a complete come-back .

Watch the video below:

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