New Video: BRANDY ‘Wildest Dreams”

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Over the weekend, the  fabulous Brandy   released a new video for Two Eleven’s second single “Wildest Dreams.”  This song is about her music executive boyfriend, Ryan Press.  During a recent appearance on Wendy Williams, she mentioned that her and Ryan are living together.  She does want to get married…sounds like a proposal is coming soon!!

The video, which features her performing in a secret warehouse. has Brandy fans from all over begin heading to the show after finding out about the performance through a text message chain.  She also takes time out to chill with a muscular love interest and a few friends while throwing back drinks after the show is over.  Brandy looks amazing and her chorography is on point.  I’m happy for her!

On the track, which was inspired by Brandy’s boyfriend Ryan Press, she sings:

Out of an unknown place

Kinda like left field

You came in my life

and help me heal

Just in the nick of time

When I lacked the will to keep on moving on

You’ve been in my dreams, before now

Couldn’t figure out the reasons I kept asking God why

And now I’m receiving abundance of love And I get it,

But never could imagine it

Watch the video below:


Source/Pics: Youtube, Vevo

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