New Trailer For Aaliyah: Princess of R&B Biopic Reveals That None of Aaliyah’s Music Will Be Used In The Movie?

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Aaliyah Biopic



Well, the date for the release of the Aaliyah biopic has been pushed up from 2015 to November, 15th, 2014.  When talk show host, Wendy Williams signed on to be the executive producer, excitement grew.  But, now that the first full trailer has been released, a few disappointments have become apparent.  The main one being that none of Aaliyah’s music will be used in the biopic!!!  How do you have a movie about Aaliyah without any of the hits?!  The trailer utilizes Iggy Azalea’s ‘Goddes,’ but it doesn’t do it justice.  As you may know, Aaliyah’s family is completely against the film being made and therefore they refused permission to use her music.

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Another question remains, did they cast the right girl?  While, Alexus (the new star of the Drumline sequel on VH1) may be a good actress, was she the right choice to play Babygirl?  We don’t know, because we don’t hear her say anything in this trailer?  Let’s hope this film wasn’t thrown together.  I did read the biography that this film was based on (just out of curiosity) and it was horrible.  Crossing my fingers!

Watch the trailer below:


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