New Talk Show ‘Exhale’ With Issa Rae & Angela Burt-Murray Premieres Today on ASPIRE

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We LOVE good TV!  We have been anticipating the launch of our girls Angela Burt-Murray and Issa Rae’s new talk show ‘Exhale.’  The weekly series will air on Magic Johnson’s television network, ASPIRE.  The fab ladies will be joined by Malinda Williams, Erin Jackson and Rene Syler.  5 beautiful and accomplished black women with opinions!  Audiences will finally have a chance to see the hot topics we discuss in the beauty shop on TV.  What do we really think about men, relationships, equal opportunities, balancing life and overcoming obstacles?  It’s ok to disagree!  We can’t wait for this show, airing tonight on ASPIRE!

The show is described as:

ASPiRE, the network from Earvin “Magic” Johnson, brings you a provocative new talk series, Exhale! Each week, Angela Burt-Murray, Erin Jackson, Issa Rae, Malinda Williams and Rene Syler of Exhale, bring you an hour of honesty and entertainment…where nothing is held back! They’ll open up about family, relationships, money, faith and everything that African American women are talking about. It’s time to Exhale. Coming in June on ASPiRE.

Watch a Behind The Scenes Sneak Peek Below:

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  • Your show can be very successful’ but you will have to be care about the guest you bring to the audiences.

  • Be careful what you bring to your faithful audience. I really believe you can have a sucessfull talk show… But you cannot force homosexual lifestyles and atheism down people’s throat. ( so to speak)..
    Remember they don’t need your show: especially if they have a strong relationship with the God and Father of Abraham , Issac and Jacob’Israel… And always remember” our Lord King Jesus was a Jew and born of The Virgin Mary ” a Jewish girl or and adult… Because if you study , for thousands of years teenage girl were married off at fifteen sixteen years old.. Ladies you’al have a lot of work to do.
    The books of Genesis, Psalms , 1st Four Gospel’s,Acts, First/Second Corinthians,Hebrews , Timothy books 1&2, James, Books of 1st John, Peter’s Apostalship, and of course The Book of Revelation. And you must check references displayed as footnotes/helpful hints and story lines as you learn some aspects of God the Heavenly Father, God the Son Jesus , God the Holy Ghost. Holy Spirit. And by the way” hell does exist … The atheist. author’ don’t read her writings… your strong enough to resist the tricky of their trade… Be prosperous and keep your distance from atheist.

  • Good Thought thanks for sharing this….