New Sexy Video: Tamar Braxton ‘HOT SUGAR’

Posted by: cnikky

tamar braxton hot sugar video

Our Girl Tamar Braxton finally had the chance to release one of her favorite songs from her album, ‘Love and War,’ HOT SUGAR!  If you are a true Tamartian, you have to admit that ‘Hot Sugar,’ and the snippet of ‘She Did That,’  are the two songs on the album that most embodies Tamar’s big personality.  Although the album is good, we wish there were a few more funky Tamar records.  (She definitely should’ve kept the full version of ‘She Did That!!)  Nevertheless, we will take what we can get and ‘Hot Sugar’ is everything Tamar.  Sexy clothes, poppin’, lots of weave, and twerking Queens!

tamar braxton hot sugar

Love and War hit #2 on the Billboard Hot 200, so congrats to our girl and her fab husbandger Vincent!  On last night’s episode of Tamar and Vince, fans got a chance to witness Tamar giving birth to baby Logan, after nearly 32 hours of labor!  We’re still crossing our fingers that her talk show ‘The Real’ will get a full season…we should know by the end of the month! And Tamar is currently on tour with John Legend.  It’s turning out to be a great year for the Herberts!!


Watch The Video Below:

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