New Musical Addresses The Reality Of Suicide: Check Out ‘Stay On The Line’

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stay on line


When it’s time to address an issue that people don’t talk about enough, Suicide, people tend to want to sweep it under the rug or pretend it doesn’t exist.  The Theatre 68 production of Stay on The Line addresses the issue head on.  There are people that talk about making a difference and people that just do it.  This musical is the story of the people that volunteer their time to try and save a life. 

A 19 year old boy named Brian (Jimmy Traum) comes to the crisis hot line center hoping to become a volunteer counselor.  The supervisors of the center played by (Katy Jacoby) and (Christopher Maikish) agree to allow Brian to be a volunteer, only if he can stay and train for 24 hours straight without giving up.  He takes the challenge and gradually realizes that some circumstances can be too much to handle, when someone’s life is in your hands.

Stay On The Line is a heart pounding thrilling musical that will make you cry , laugh and keep you on the edge of your seat.  The actor that plays Brian (Jimmy Traum) is captivating and his portrayal of a lost young man, searching for answers and desperately wanting to be a hero was spot on.  But, don’t be fooled by the glasses…this nerd has moves. When you see him in a dance number with stand-out (Nick Echols) you see a sexy side of the mousy kid.  Echols was the much needed comic relief.  His over-confidence and raunchy sex appeal made his dream of becoming the next Justin Timberlake seem achievable.  And trust me, you needed a laugh to break up the intense emotional journey that this musical takes you on.  They deal with bullying, infidelity, PTSD, drugs and mental/physical abuse.  Aaron (Stefan Rich) gave a chilling performance of a young gay man struggling to be comfortable with his sexuality.  His loneliness reminds the audience that being homosexual is not a choice, and unfortunately, some people, including family, may not accept their lifestyle.  His eagerness to find love, also reminds the audience that no matter your sexual preference, gender or creed, we all want to be loved.

 In an environment full of chaos, the “real” boss Veronica (Katy Jacoby) knows how to crack the whip and keep the volunteers in line.  The beautiful brunette with balls of steel was passed over for the promotion of director of the center, because of one mistake….that may have saved a life?

If someone is in need, will you stay on the line?

This show is dedicated to the Tyler Clementi Foundation.  For more information on Stay On The Line CLICK HERE.

Watch a teaser from the show below:

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