New Music: Willow Smith “I Am Me”

Posted by: cnikky



Cutie, Willow Smith has a new video for her haunting song, I Am Me.  The ballad is about not being afraid to be an individual.  The video was shot on the streets of New York and clearly the concept was, keep it simple and make it about the music.  The 11 year old singer is what we call “An old soul.”  She seems to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders.  While most kids that age are singing Justin Beiber or Mindless Behavior songs, this kid is trying to heal the world.  I am not mad at you for that girl!  She is a Smith through and through.  Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are both very socially conscious, so it comes as no surprise that their youngest child is as well.  We hope that her message reaches anyone that needs to hear it. We also hope that she takes the time to enjoy her life as a kid, because childhood inncocence goes so quickly.  So laugh, dance and have no worries while you still can little Willow!  We love you girl!

Watch the video below:



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