New Hotness: JLO Featuring Flo-Rida & Lil Jon “I’M GOING IN”

Posted by: cnikky

If you we’re wondering what would be the dance song of the summer,  now you know.  JLO has just revealed the hot visual for her new single “I’m Goin In” featuring Flo-Rida and Lil Jon.  Cause you know every dance song either features Pitbull or Flo-Rida!  This track is featured on the soundtrack for the film Step Up 3 that comes out this weekend.

In addition to lots of sequince (JLo’s signature look), hard hitting dance moves, neon colors and interesting visuals, the video shows clips of the incredible dance sequences you can expect in the Step Up movie (choreographed by my friend Jamal Sims).  Yes, Jennifer Lopez still has one of the best bodies in the buisness and she ain’t afraid to show it.  The former American Idol judge has taken her seat back at the top with her sucessful album, tour with Enrique Iglesias, popular clothing line, fragrances, endorsements and tv shows!  Honestly, she doesn’t need idol anymore so I don’t really blame her for leaving.

Check out her hot new video below:

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