New Hilarious Video: Kenya Moore “Gone With The Wind Fabulous”

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Kenya Moore is turning out to be a branding genius!  Although the former Miss USA has only been on the Real Housewives Of Atlanta for 1/2 of a season so far…she has made an enormous impact, been the talk of the gossip columns, shot a very successful workout video and now released a song and a music video based on her shenanigans on the show.

Yesterday, the diva released the visual for her parody song, “Gone With the Wind Fabulous.”  On the show, she’s said she is often mistaken for Beyonce’  and since she has turned out to be the ultimate single lady, she gave King Bey a tribute by replicating her Single Ladies video.

Kenya moore video1


But, she didn’t stop there!  She started off the video by making fun of her cast mate Porshe and the argument they had in Anguilla that produced her now, infamous saying…Gone With the Wind Fabulous.  Kenya cast a hilarious drag queen to play Porshe and when she didn’t shut up…Kenya simply blew her into the pool with her “wind.”

Kenya Moore video

She still didn’t stop there. Miss Moore made fun of Miss Donkey Booty herself, Phaedra Parks as well as her ex boyfriend Walter.  She had a woman slap on that net outfit Phaedra wore in Anguilla and she had a man in hot shorts and a terrible wig, dress up as Walter (I sense a gay reference here) obviously, she was trying to get a point across.

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Watch her silly video below:


Photos: Straight from the A, Bravo

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