New Controversial Video: Lana Del Rey “National Anthem”

Posted by: cnikky


Oh boy…the latest video by Lana Del Rey is a Must see!  The jazzy singer is definitely a star on the rise and she calls herself,  the ‘Gangster Nancy Sinatra’.  Everyone is buzzing about her new video for her song, “National Anthem” that features rapper A$AP Rocky.  In the video, Lana takes on the role as JFK’s mistress Marilyn Monroe who sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to the president. As the video continues, she plays Jackie O, while A$AP takes on the role as a modern day John F. Kennedy. The 7 minute video details their time together all the way up until that terrible day in Dallas when JFK was assasinated.  The video was beautifully shot.  It isn’t often now that artist take the time to make a mini movie for their video, so I love the thought that went into this one!  The content of the video is what the controversy is about.  Did she take it to far, by re-enacting the assasination?  Is it wrong that she was both the mistress (Marilyn) and the wife (Jackie O)?  Was she trying to make a statement about interracial marrige and children?  Who knows??  All that matters is, everyone is watching and talking about it!

Here’s what both Lana and A$AP had to say about the video:

Lana Del Rey: Every so often, I top what I’ve done, and this video is definitely the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done. I wrote a treatment for me and A$AP Rocky, because I just thought he’d be really perfect to star in it. … I love it.”

A$AP Rocky: I play JFK, she plays Jackie O. Some cool, trippy sh-t, some really 2015 sh-t. People gonna get it in like three years, and that’s the whole purpose of it.”


What do you think of National Anthem?  Watch below:

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