New Action Movie: Tom Cruise in JACK REACHER

Posted by: cnikky


Tom Cruise still has the moves in his latest film Jack Reacher.  This action packed thriller is reminiscent of his other combat franchise Mission Impossible, but not nearly as crafty.  Although we love Tom, he doesn’t need to prove to anyone that he still has the moves to be an action star.  He is un-deniably one of the biggest stars on the planet (well deserved), but this film seems a bit un-necessary.  I could totally be wrong, but the trailer is….well you decide?

Cruise plays the ex-military policeman-turned-benevolent drifter who always finding himself smack in a situation where a helpless person needs someone who can put the clues together and kick butt when necessary.  The film was made from a novel and the actual character is supposed to be a 6-foot-5, 250-pound bad ass.  He doesn’t fit that description, so fans of the book may be upset, but his acting skills are always above par.  The movie, from Paramount and Skydance Productions, opens December 21.  Are you going to see Jack Reacher??  Check out the trailer:



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