Must See Videos: Snoop Lion “LA LA LA” This One Will Have You Shaking Your Head , & Sexy, Curvy Christina Aguilera In “YOUR BODY”

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In case you missed it…Snoop Dogg changed his Snoop Lion after converting to the Rastafarian religion.  Along with his new name, came a new sound…well singing.  In his new video for his single LA LA LA……I don’t know what to say?  It’s all over the place!  Snoop comes out of a coffin with a big lion on his head, there are children dressed as bumble bees asking him why he changed his name, people in colorful outfits and dressed as animals are dancing around him while yellow words swim by on the screen.  Well, smoking Marijuana is a part of the Rasta religion, so I think it’s safe to say that Snoop was a bit high when he came up with this concept.  Whatever the case may be it is fun to watch!


Please watch this crazy video below and have a nice laugh!  Only you Snoop! (We can’t help but love you!):


The Voice judge, Christina Aguilera, has been making headlines lately for gaining weight and flaunting her curves.  The once, very skinny Pop Star has become a woman, mothered a child, been married and divorced, so I think she’s earned the right to eat!  Un-like ridiculous media, I think she looks fabulous and sexy in her new body!  Contrary to what Hollywood says, the average womans size is in the double ditgits!  So you betta WERK those curves Christina!



Ms. Aguilera channeled her “Dirty” days with her colorful hair and very sexy outfits in this video.  She is seducing boys and then taking them out!  She is perusing the trailer park, the local bar and the convenient store, looking for her next victim.  I’m sure there are plenty of boys who would sign up!

You look good girl!  Forget the Haters!


Watch her video below:


Source/Pics: Vevo, Youtube

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