MTV & E! Are Battling Over Who Will Get The Rights To THE PAULY D PROJECT

Posted by: cnikky

pauly d

One of the break-out stars of The Jersey Shore, Pauly D, had a succesful first season of his spin-off show THE PAULY D PROJECT.”   The problem is….MTV apparently only signed him to a one season contract.  Since the Jersey Shore is airing its’ final episode this week, the network is busy making deals to line up their next cash cow.  But, did MTV wait too long to decide whether or not to bring back Pauly’s show for Season 2?  Maybe.

Another network known for making reality stars rich, E! is offering Pauly D, way more money and much more creative control, if he agrees to bring his show to their network!  The good news is, that the show is coming back and Pauly D and his friends have the power to control their own destiny.  (I actually think the show would be better on E!)  What do you think?


Source/Pics:, MTV, E!


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