Michael Strahan Gets Emotional On His First Day As The New Co-Host Of LIVE W/ KELLY& MICHAEL

Posted by: cnikky


Love this!!  Kelly Ripa introduced her new TV-Husband…Michael Strahan yesterday and it was like a scene from a Hollywood romance.  He spun her around, they smooched and gazed into each others eyes while they said sweet thing to each other.  It was a memorable love fest and a great way to start their new journey!

Other than his entrance, the highlight of the show was an old clip they found of Michael making an appearance on Regis and Kelly after winning the Super Bowl (with the NY Giants) in 2008. And on that show, then long time host Regis Philbin asked him what he’s like to do when his football playing days are over and Strahan jokingly told him he’s like to replace him one day!! And lo and behold, it actually happened just that way.

“I’m speechless. I’m so happy to be here and to be a part of this,” an emotional Strahan told the “Live” audience today.

What a great moment.  Michael also said, “I would say that dreams come true, but I couldn’t even dream this big.”

Besides starting his new show on Live, which is based in NYC, he’s also part of cast of Fox NFL Sunday, the pre and post-game show which broadcast from LA.

Congrats to Michael and Kelly!  We will be watching!

Check out the emotional entrance below:



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