Miami Heat Celebrates Going to Championship w/Oklahoma City Thunder

Posted by: cnikky

Will the “Big Three” finally produce an NBA Championship?  It may be their time??  Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade became the definition of a super team 3 years ago and this weekend they had a triumphant victory against the Boston Celtics to grab another shot at the NBA Championship trophy!  The series was tense and fans were sure it could go either way…Boston was up at half-time and it looked like Miami would be starting their summer vacay a little early this year.  But in the fourth quarter the Big Three took over and it was too overwhelming for the veteran Celtics to handle.  It was the victory Lebron James had been praying for.  He was never able to defeat the incredible Boston Celtics when he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers, so he “took his talent to Miami,” to defeat them and get that ring.   The original big three, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen may have been able to keep Lebron at bay many times before, but on Saturday it was his time to shine.

It’s sad to know that the Celtics trio may never play on the same team again (their contracts are up.) But, while it lasted the gentlemen were one of the best examples in basketball of “playing like a team.”  Let’s not forget to give credit to one of the best basketball coaches of our generation, Doc Rivers who may be leaving the Celtics as well for a front office position.  His leadership, heart and professionalism carried his team to the play-offs year after year and won them a championship a few years ago.  Like the Celtics or not, Doc Rivers is a class act.  We will see what happens…

The Eastern Conference Champs were understandably stressed about the series, so they decided to let off a little steam in the locker-room after their mighty win.  What better way to relieve stress then to Drop it Low and do the Dougie with your team-mates??  Did you know the MVP had moves like that?  Check it out below and be sure to tune in as the Miami Heat take on the Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2012 NBA Finals!  Two great, young teams……it promises to be a good tv!






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