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The new season of the original Love and Hip Hop (New York) premieres January 7th on VH1.  With the shows stars Chrissy, Jim Jones and Emily B leaving the show for their own show folks wanted to know who would carry on the L&HH New York show?  Well, the answer is here, but it sounds a bit strange?  Olivia is back again, but this time with her boyfriend we heard about last season, Yandy is back with her man and a new baby, Erica Mena is now a permanent cast member and she is in a relationship with Olivia’s manager, Rich Dollaz (who now manages Erica as well), Joe Budden is making his premiere with a few ex-video vixens, a new rapper Consequence (pictured above) and his girlfriend radio personality Jen The Pen (pictured above) has joined along with Winter (the ex-assistant of Fabolous).  This sounds like a bunch of mess, but I suppose that’s what viewers want?

According to TheYBF:

Olivia & her boyfriend

Olivia is still trying to make a new album.  She’s also all about her basketball playing boyfriend Tarence Kinsey.  And we’ll see her working that out as well as trying to keep the peace with her long time manager Rich Dollaz while he simultaneously manages his new girlfriend…Erica Mena.  Yep, Erica & Rich are now confirmed as a couple according to VH1.  Which explains their shopping outing this week.

Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz (These names…)


Two new faces will be rapper Consequence and his baby moms, radio personality Jen The Pen (pictured above with Exec. Producer Mona Scott Young).  Yep, the same Jen The Pen that was ixnayed from Dame Dash’s “Ultimate Hustler” reality show.  The twosome will show their trials and tribulations as a couple as they co-parent their son Caiden. Fun fact: Consequence is Q-Tip‘s first cousin.


Yandy pictured with her new baby boy


Yandy will be returning as she now has a baby boy, whose name is Omere.  She and her live-in boyfriend/baby’s daddy, Mandeecees, will be showing how they keep their romance going.  All while balancing career and family.



Joe Budden and Tahiry


Rapper Joe Budden has joined the cast with a Stevie J. like love triangle–his ex, video vixen Tahiry (pictured above), is on the show and so is Raqi Thunda, a DJ folks think he’s getting down with on the side. They insist they’re just long time friends, but Raqi and Tahiry are at each other’s throats.  By the way, Raqi, pictured below, is good friends with Joe’s current girlfriend Kaylin Garcia.





Meanwhile, Fabolous‘ ex-assistant (who we saw having mad convos with Emily B. last season), Winter, will also be on the show.  Apparently she’s writing a tell-all about all her famous ex-boyfriends.  Sigh.


Will you be watching?


Source/Pics: Instagram, TheYBF, VH1

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